Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution

If you have creditors breathing down your neck, your paychecks are being garnished, or you have endless calls interrupting your life, bankruptcy may provide the relief you need to get your life back and in order.

Tulsa Estate Planning

Estate Planning

With our experienced counsel, you can rest assured that when you die, your property is gifted to the loved ones you wish to honor, and that your assets reach your intended beneficiaries without difficulty, unnecessary expenses or taxes.

Estate Planning
Tulsa Business Attorneys

Business Law

The Firm provides contract negotiation and drafting services customized to the unique needs of our business clientele. Our experience covers a variety of industries.

Business Law
Tulsa Mediation Services


Mediation is a confidential meeting between disputing parties with a trained, neutral mediator. And, unlike a judge or jury, a mediator does not decide the case.


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