Choosing Your Attorney

In Oklahoma

Not All Bankruptcy Attorneys are Created Equal

Sometime in the future, or perhaps right now as you read this article, you may think to yourself “That’s it. I’m done with this staggering debt.” After some serious thought, Bankruptcy is starting to sound like a real possibility for you.

The next step is to contact a bankruptcy lawyer, but which one? How do you know where to look? Many advertise on TV and radio while others do so on billboards and at bus stops. They seem nice, have a warm smile, and claim to be there to help you. Asking friends for a recommendation can be an awkward proposition. A discreet online search, maybe? Yet, you find yourself thinking that you can’t tell for sure if the attorney you come across will be there to truly help you.

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step, requiring excellent advice and the right representation. In 2005 the Bankruptcy Code was rewritten by the The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) (Pub.L. 109–8, 119 Stat. 23, enacted April 20, 2005)—which is a legislative act that made several significant changes to the United States Bankruptcy Code.

The Bankruptcy Code was rewritten into what now is often referred to as

“Unquestionably, [the] most poorly written piece of legislation that I or anyone else has ever seen,” – U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Keith M. Lundin, “No one has ever seen a piece of garbage like this,” he adds. “There’s going to be the most fantastic anarchy in bankruptcy courts for years.”

This has resulted in a highly specialized area of the law which is best left to knowledgeable practitioners. Time and again our office has watched as other attorneys at other law firms inadequately represent their clients. Giving their client poor advice or causing the client to lose their property. That being said, know that there is a difference between an attorney who practices in a specialized area of law and one who exclusively practices in specialized area of law. When it comes to Bankruptcy, a common pitfall for someone looking for help with their Debts is to hire a Bankruptcy Mill.

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